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Gluten Free 


We produce a gluten free bread every Friday and Saturday. The bread is wrapped, refrigerated and sold for slicing, freezing and using as needed.

We also make delicious gluten free cakes including our fruit frangipani, raspberry and coconut slice and pistachio and lime cake

All our salads are gluten free, with the exception of the couscous.

Please ask for more information.

Lunch Inspiration 


Bored of sandwiches? We have a range of savouries including pizza, quiches, sausage rolls and pasties. We also do a range of healthy salads. Why not ask our staff to pack up a picnic for you?

Afternoon Tea 


Who says Afternoon Tea cant be healthy? Try our delicious wholemeal scones, Pear and Honey Gingerbread or Rhubarb Crumble Crunch. Or for something a little more decadent our Honey & Pistachio squares. Ask our staff to put together an afternoon tea assortment for you


Bondgate Bakery

bond_bg_139All the way back in 1984, Otleys Bondgate Bakery started with a great deal of determination and a conviction to bake bread the way it used to be. In those days the Enterprise Allowance Scheme awarded budding entrepreneurs £40 a week to set up their own businesses. So thats what Steve Taylor did.

It is crucial to us that ingredients are pure and unadulterated and instead of being reliant on mixes and additives, Bondgate has always been about real traditional bread making using locally sourced untreated flours.

Steve, along with his partner, Sally, brought with him a precious selection of family recipes that he learned from his grandmother, a lifelong baker and we still make her Parkin, Christmas Cake Flapjack (we call it Crunch) and Yorkshire Curd Tart.

Bondgate Bakery sells a range of delicious breads and baked goods from its Otley premises and over the years we have developed relationships with a number of retailers and restaurants.  We supply a range of Yorkshire clients including Harvey Nichols, Leeds Bradford Airport, Arc Creations and The Tetley in Leeds. You can also find us at Headingley Farmers Market on the second Saturday of each month.

We hope you can try our delicious hand made breads and cakes either in any of these places or direct from the Otley shop.

Traditional baking

Allergen information

In accordance with legislation we’re obliged to inform you if any of our products contain certain allergens. If you have any allergies please contact a member of our staff who will be happy to provide you with allergen information.

Traditional baking v Factory baking 

Breadmaking is an ancient art: Yeast risen bread dates back almost four thousand years to ancient Egypt, where bakers discovered the secret of yeast and learnt how to control it, making bread (and brewing beer) and constructing ovens for baking several loaves of bread at a time.

Traditional home baking almost disappeared in the mid twentieth century, replaced by sugar-dosed, commercially produced, pre sliced white bread. Many people grew up never experiencing the taste of a home-baked loaf made with flavourful stoneground flour. The recent revival of interest in artisanal baking has given people a taste for traditional baking and baking techniques.

The Chorleywood Bread Process

The Chorleywood Bread Process was developed in 1961 and was a mass production technique that revolutionised the way bread was made. For the first time, lower protein wheats could be used, and the bread making process involved intensive high speed mixers to combine flour, improvers, vegetable fat, yeast and water to make the dough. The process sped up fermentation and therefore the production process, by introducing a cocktail of enzymes to create a finished product: soft, squishy, cheap loaves with a very long shelf life and that often contained GM and allergenic residues.

bond_bg_107While solving postwar problems of ensuring that there was enough bread to feed a growing population, the bread created using this process was nowhere near as nutritious as old fashioned loaves.

New legislation has improved things no end, as has a growing interest in traditional methods of bread baking.

Bondgate Bakery has been making bread the old-fashioned way for over thirty years. We dont use additives, preservatives or mixes


We take our time – many many hours in fact, to make our traditionally made breads using organic, locally sourced flour and a slow fermentation process that means nutrients and flavour are locked in.










Stoneground wholemeal




Fruited Bread



Cakes and Traybakes


Fruit crumble


Pear & Honey Gingerbread


Pistachio & Honey Squares


Yorkshire Curd Tart

Our quiches have a light wholemeal pastry case filled with a free range egg custard and vegetarian cheese. We make over twenty varieties of quiche, including chick pea & mushroom, feta, basil & tomato, bacon & blue stilton, salmon & dill.
We make a range of pasties including Lentil & Tomato, Cheese & Onion and Cornish.
We also make sandwiches and salads – perfect for picnics or an office lunch.







Ask us about our range of Vegan, Vegetarian and Gluten Free products.



Trade, Wholesale, Outside Catering

Please call us on and well be happy to take your enquiry. And please give us at least 48 hours notice so that we will be able to provide the care and attention your order needs.

We can deliver six days a week all year long except Christmas Day.

Please call us on 01943 467516





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